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2021 JR Sugamo station

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2022 JR Ueno station

About Ekimatopeia

Ekimatopeia is a device that visually expresses environmental sounds, such as station broadcasts and train sounds, as characters, sign languages, and onomatopoeia. We worked with children from the Kawasaki Municipal School for the Deaf to come up with the idea, aiming to create an experience that is easy for everyone to use and makes daily train use more enjoyable. The system uses AI analysis of audio collected by a single omni-directional microphone to create text and sign language videos of station broadcasts made on each line, as well as onomatopoeia of sounds made by trains, platform doors, and speakers. The system also converts station broadcasts from the station staff's microphones into text in real time, and automatically changes the font according to the meaning of the text.


Use AI to identify sounds and display them as text, sign language, or onomatopoeia
Not only will the audio be subtitled in real time, but it will also be displayed in a font best to express content of the text


The idea of "Ekimatopeia" was generated by the inspiration of children at the Kawasaki City School for the Deaf. The children said, "If only we could make our daily commute more fun" and with this in mind, the company worked together to create a prototype. We will continue to endeavor to create a world where everyone, regardless of disabilities, can enjoy their daily lives and where people can appreciate and respect each other's diversity.